Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: "What Happens to Men When They Move to Manhattan?" by Jill Knapp

About the Book:

 Life in the city gives 23 year old Amalia Hastings a ride she is not expecting. As she tries to find her way on the little island that never sleeps, she discovers she has a harder time navigating through life then she does the streets of Greenwich Village!

She thought she had everything she wanted - a new apartment in Manhattan, a first-rate education at NYU, a group of trusted friends and Nicholas, a boyfriend who she once believed was her soul-mate. But somehow, it isn't enough.

Stumbling through her relationships, Amalia encounters Michael. An attractive classmate who quickly  moves from being one of her close friends, to an inconsistent friend-with-benefits. After all, the only thing consistent about New York is its beauty.

Amalia is essentially torn between two men and Michael is torn between two women. Her best friend Cassandra is being strung along by her "boyfriend", Bryce, and even her friend Olivia is having a secret relationship!

After getting terribly lost searching for love in all the wrong places, Amalia finds herself asking - what happens to men when they move to Manhattan?!

My Review:

I LOVED this book! Which is why I gave it a 5 of 5 (sadly, I couldn't go higher than that unless I broke the scale. I don't think Amazon would appreciate that too much.) There were some awesome quotes, hilarious scenes (yes, I was imagining them as I went, which kept me from getting bored), and there wasn't a time I wasn't reading this book. Unfortunately I finished it while I didn't have internet service so couldn't get this review posted right away (not sure the boss would have understood if I started reviewing a book on his dime). Lol.

So a few spoilers: I fell in love with Michael, however, if I could reach into a book and strangle any character, he'd have to be it. Dating someone in another state while falling for the girl you're going to school with, and putting off the girl who's falling for you while sleeping with her on occasion, then expecting her to not follow her dreams so she can help you figure out what you want - that drove me nuts! He's nice enough but he's a big boy, he can make up his own mind! Gah! Sadly, I discovered from the author that this book was based on real life events. Remind me to never live in Manhattan. Although I'm sure there are guys just as bad around here. Lol.

And don't even get me started on Nicholas, her ex. I wouldn't have put up with the way he treated Amalia. Telling someone you no longer want them after fighting tooth and nail to get them, then crawling back to them because you realize how wrong you were, is just asking for trouble.

But this is one of those books that I enjoyed enough to follow the series. It's fun, lets you feel like you're part of the joke, and keeps you on your toes.

Jill has been an awesome lady when I've chatted with her and I would recommend following her on any social media she has (links will be available below).

About Jill Knapp:

A Native New Yorker, Jill spends her time blogging for Huffington Post writing about New York City, dating, and relationships. She also holds an M.A in Psychology and has taught at the college level for over three years.

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