Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: "King of Prey" by Mandy M. Roth


About the Book:

Paranormal  Bird Shifter Romance

In a place where realms combine and portals open passages to the unknown, a prophecy speaks of fertility being restored to his people through the taking of King Kabril's mate.

The prophecy neglects to mention she lacks something vital to his kind -- wings. Kabril, King of the Buteos Ragalis has no interest in taking a human mate. His kind believes humans are dirty, vile creatures who rely on machines to lift them into the air. The last place he wants to go in search of his mate is Earth, but he's left no choice.

Never did he expect to find love on a planet with one moon, people who lack wings and a stubborn vixen who makes his heart soar. When he does, he fears the truth about who and what he truly is will steal it away. Little does he know his enemies fully intend on doing the taking.

My Review:

This was a quick and easy read, and while Kabril didn't come across as an alpha in my opinion, it was an okay read. Some of the supporting characters were more to my liking since there's no real surprises or twists in this story, but that could be due to this book being the first in the series. I do, however, know for a fact it gets better with each book. :)

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