Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: "Raising Ryann" (Bad Boy Reformed Series) by Alyssa Rae Taylor

 About the Book:

Twenty-year-old Reese Johnson can finally leave her troublesome past behind. She enters college with her best friend, Gia, and spends her time doing what she loves—working as a self-defense instructor at a local gym. Then Luke Ryann enters the picture. He’s the tall, dark, and tattooed MMA fighter her boss hires to privately train her. One minute, he captivates her with his piercing brown eyes and boyish dimples. The next, he infuriates her with his relentless banter and cocky bad boy behavior. He’s the last thing she wants or needs, and she never expects to fall in love with him.

Luke’s jaded past has him keeping a safe distance. Despite what he feels, some things are better left alone. He has a dangerous secret—one that has the potential to risk their lives. As he fights the attraction between them, can he resist the growing tension and protect the woman he’ll never be able to have?

Raising Ryann, the first book in the Bad Boy Reformed Trilogy, isn't just a fighter romance. This story is filled with action, suspense, mystery- even a touch of humor.

Recommended for mature audiences due to situations of abuse, violence, strong language and sexual content.


My Review:

 I absolutely loved this book!

You get to experience how Luke and Reese met, parts of their past, and what made them each who they are now. I love that Reese is a strong woman. The fact she teaches self-defense after a horrible childhood incident that Luke saved her from is amazing! I enjoyed seeing her strive to help young girls defend themselves against the evil out in the world, even if they never come across it.

Luke was definitely my favorite character in this story. He's witty, outgoing, and an all-around amazing guy. He's supportive, a bad boy, but still a romantic at heart. The fact he's a tattooed hunk is just an added bonus! You can't help but fall in love with him every time he defends Reese while still allowing her to fight her own battles - it's that kind of man we all search for in our own lives.

Together this duo is witty, fun, and their chemistry is mind-blowing! I couldn't help but laugh and smile as they'd have a friendly banter.

Where this book left off saddened me since Reese puts her heart on her sleeve and Luke ends up needing to leave, although it was a good cliffhanger for book 2! I give this book a 5 star review.

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